April 1, 2019

National Conference of European Statistical Data Users

The event is organized  under Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in partnership with the statistical office of the European Union.

The conference is intended for users of statistical data produced by the European Statistical System. In this respect, there will be presentations from the statistical experts but moreover will be presentations, discourses and debates held by different categories of users, such as universities, research institutes,  private companies, media, civil society, which are requesting frequently, from NIS Romania, statistical data for their current activity. The conference includes two sessions of presentations and debates about the process of production official statistics, integrated in the production statistical system at the European level and their dissemination and the benefits of using official statistics in economic analyses  and studies for developing the economical environment, in order to ensure a better quality of life at similar or closer to European standards.

The Conference’s debates will be focused both on users’ satisfaction degree for the statistical data in question and on promotion of the European and Romanian statistical products, online databases and publications.

The invited public will be mainly formed from reprezentatives of business, academic, scientific research environment, media, trade unions, representatives of central public administrations and also  national deciding factors, in total  aproximatelly 100-120 persons.

The purpose of this conference is both to promote the national and European official statistics, their use, increase of trust in the official statistics and in the producing institutions, the increase of statistical culture and in the same time, knowing the interest  stated by the users themselves towards the European and Romanian official statistics.